Stephen de Vere
Stephen de Vere filming in the Bering Sea for BBC’s Frozen Planet series. Photo © Jeff Wilson

Stephen de Vere is a cameraman and independent filmmaker specialising in nature and wildlife.

He started his career with the RSPB Film Unit as an Assistant Film Editor and part-time cameraman.

In 1992 he joined the BBC Natural History Unit spending a winter in Antarctica to film emperor penguins for the series Life in the Freezer. Later he was described by Sir David Attenborough in a television interview as “an extraordinary cameraman” after repairing his cine camera during the depths of the Antarctic winter using parts from a computer printer.

His IMDB listing credits include a spell as a digital creature Animator for several high profile feature films but his main credits are for BBC wildlife television programmes and series, spanning 22 years:

Life in the Freezer • The Life of Birds • Wildlife on One
Living Britain • The Natural World • Andes to Amazon • Life
Africa • Yellowstone • Frozen Planet • The Hunt

emperor penguin chick
Filming the breeding cycle of emperor penguins involved living in Antarctica through the winter. Photo: Stephen de Vere

Stephen de Vere’s most recent award is a photography EMMY as part of the camera team for One Life a feature length documentary film based on the BBC Life TV series.

He believes in the power of storytelling to explain the importance of making connections with our surroundings. To that end Stephen makes personal and unique British wildlife films in the countryside where he lives, charting the lives of individual animals in great detail: